Thursday, October 22, 2009

Reserve your kids now!

Hey everyone! This year at Reynolds Acres Ranch, we're breeding 3 Nigerians and 1 Recorded Grade (her kids should be American Oberhasli). Be sure to get on our list! We already have two people waiting for Nigerians.

Goats are great, and Reynolds Acres Ranch goats make great:

Milkers. One of our Nigerians got the highest butterfat award (with a 7.26%) this year. Their milk is very sweet and makes great fudge and pudding. Our Nigerians give a little over a pound of milk each, and our Oberhaslis give between 2-3 pounds.

Show Goats. My Oberhasli doe, Bambi, got Junior Champion her first year at the fair. My Nigerians have gotten Best of Breed, Senior Champion, and Junior Champion at the fair for 2 years in a row. And our younger Nigerians have lines from Rosasharn and Chenango-hills.

Pets. Our goats are very friendly, even though they are not bottle raised. We spend lots of time with them, and every goat is special. In fact, our goats are so friendly that my 2 year old Nigerian Dwarf still sits on my lap like she did when she was a baby, and my oberhasli gives me kisses. The Nigerians tend to be more cuddly than the Oberhaslis, but they both are great.

Plus we make sure each goat is has healthy as possible when we sell them. Everyone we've sold too is very happy with their goats.
To reserve your kid(s), e-mail me (LeeAnn Reynolds) at Wouldn't you like to add a Reynolds Acres Ranch kid to your herd?

Prices vary with goat, depending on gender, breed, and stature.

To view more info about our does, go to

for Nigerian Dwarf Does or to

for Oberhasli Does.

The Reynolds' Kids

These are our "children," Reynolds Acre's Rosie (left) and Reynolds Acre's Robyn (right). This was our first year with kids, and we had 6 in total (four Nigerian Dwarfs, one Recorded Grade, and one Oberhasli). All of them got good homes, and we're keeping this adorable pair. Rosie got Reserve Nigerian Dwarf Junior Champion in the Open Show at the Dutchess County fair (NY) and Nigerian Dwarf Junior Champion at the 4H show.

Their mother, AGS Doubletree Maggie's Annamarie, took Nigerian Dwarf Champion for the second year in a row.

Having goats is so much fun! So far, we're enjoying this year and looking forward to next year.
Below: Robyn and Grandma, AGS Doubletree Puck's Maggie Below: Rosie