Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Reynolds' Acres Ranch & FAQs

Reynolds' Acres Ranch is currently a goat farm who has goats for the purposes of both dairy and showing, but we treat our goats like they are pets. Our goats are very friendly, and we do our best to take really good care of them.

Our goats get worming medicine twice a year or as needed, as well as some vaccinations (like CD&T) and vitamins. They also get an herbal supplement that helps keep their immune systems healthy and any worm problems under control.

We do NOT give our goats unnecessary supplements, such as growth hormones, as we believe that this is unhealthy for the animal, and causes any products that we get from it to be unhealthy. We also do not sell any goats for meat purposes.

Now that you have learned a bit about Reynolds Acres Ranch, please feel free to contact me, LeeAnn, with any questions at


How long have you had goats?
I have had goats since 2007.

Why did you get goats?
I honestly don't know. One day I woke up and decided that I loved goats. I told my parents, and they agreed that if I did the proper research and joined 4H, I could get some goats. I looked online and decided I liked Nigerian Dwarf goats the best, since they were good dairy goats, easy to handle, and plus they're really cute, but some members of my 4H club convinced me to get into Oberhaslis as well.

What's the best part about having goats?
I would have to say the best part is enjoying their company. Goats are really great and friendly when you spend a lot of time with them.

Is it a lot of work?
Yes. I have to clean the goat pen and barn about once a month or so, plus we have to trim hooves, give necessary medicine, get them ready for shows, plus a lot of other stuff. But I think that it's all worth it.

Do you use the goat milk?
Yes. Goat milk is great for cooking, cheese making, and drinking. Nigerian Dwarf goat milk has naturally high butter fat, which means it makes excellent fudge and pudding. Goat milk is also healthier for you than cows milk, since it's easier to digest. In fact, a lot of people who can't have cows milk can drink goats milk just fine.

But doesn't it taste "goaty?"
No. Some goat milk does, but only because of bad handling. Fresh, clean goat milk should taste almost the same as regular, store bought milk. It sometimes has a goaty flavor if the milking does were near a buck.

Can I buy some milk?
No. We do not pasteurize our milk, since we believe that this kills important nutrients in the milk. However, it is illegal to sell raw milk in New York, thus we can not sell our milk. We can, however, sell our milk for animal consumption, and if you ever wanted a taste, you could come to our farm for a free sample.

Are you expecting kids in the spring? If so, can I buy some?
Most likely we will have kids in the spring, since we do breed our does in the fall. However, kidding can be random, and we may have more bucks or more does or a lot of kids or just a few kids. We also have the right to decide to keep a kid if we want to.

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