Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oberhasli Doe

Oberhasli Goat Heritage

O-mazing Oberhaslis

Our Oberhasli breeding program favors the outstanding genetics of DEVONSHIRE, TONKA-TAILS, STORM HAVEN, SUN-KISSED, and OWL-RIDGE. They have won Best of Show and Best of Breed at the Dutchess County Fair, New York.

Above left: Reynolds Acre's Kaylea and Reynolds Acre's Sophie Above right: Sparkling Star's Bambi

The Doe:

Sparkling Star's Bambi
Sire: Devonshire MF Finite Moment *B
Dam: The Storm Haven's Mudpie
Has had: 2 set of twins
1 single
To see more of Bambi's pedigree, go here (goats not registered with ADGA will not be shown):

Bambi is currently our only Oberhasli doe. She is a recorded grade (75% oberhasli, 19% alpine, and 6% toggenburg) but if bred to an Oberhasli Buck, her kids are oberhasli (as long as they have Oberhasli markings). She has a beautiful udder. Both her grandfathers (Devonshire FH Fiasco and Tonka-Tails Nestor of Jest) are *B, and her one grandmother (Devonshire RK Minuette) is a 3*M and her other grandmother (Sun-Kissed Miss Cheyenne) is a 1*M. At the 2010 Two-Ring Progressive Dairy Goat Show in New York, Bambi got Best of Breed for Recorded Grades in one ring and Reserve Champion in the other. Her half sisters, who were full Oberhaslis, each got a Best of Breed in a ring. She is just one Unrestricted leg away from becoming and ADGA permanent champion!


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

no Buttin' Heads? :-)

Charlie said...

Next fall, I'm planning on breeding her to a Nigerian buck and having Mini Oberhaslis. I find the little guys so much easier to handle than the standard-size goats.